denise russell



 i am grateful for family and friends, new and old relationships that remind me of what is important.


today i am looking forward to start playing out again after a bit of self-imposed hiatus..

for those of you who have been a care giver to a parent of dementia or alzheimer's you know it is a daunting task to stay connected to emotionally be their connection to this life.

i lost my mom  3 1/2 years ago to Alzheimer's and during that time, the words seemed backed up inside of me..picking up a pen to write would bring me to i laid the pen down for a better time when i wasn't so emotional, when i wasn't just trying to keep it together..

i worked full time and would drive 45 minutes to work, then drive 45 minutes again after getting home to visit mom..

the thought of her being alone with no visitors for the day was unacceptable to me so being there 3 to 4 times a week became my routine.

i see and understand now, that there is a season, as the Bible says, for everything...

i would sing into my recorder and jot down ideas.. i would write a song idea or phrases and let it go..

words began to come again. truths began to be revealed, ideas and thoughts and wonderings came..

and so, i've written over 60 songs within the last 3 years after mom's's time to release them, to set them free.

 I miss you mom..