....while most singers in this industry were traveling to their prospective venues for the evening on either a friday or saturday night, i was happily sitting in the crowd, cheering my son and his team on!! i will NEVER forget those days and i am SO grateful to the Lord for giving me the wisdom to know that children are indeed a blessing, that raising them right is the highest calling on earth..i had no desire to do anything but raise him..no career or music or anything could come before my call as a mother. it's such an honor..i am so grateful for picking him up from school and going to practices and games and now that he's out of high school, i am a little sad that that part of my life is over!! i am happy that the Lord made it clear to me what was more important, and now He's blessing my music career more than i could have ever imagined, and opening doors that i never even knew were for me to go through!! God is awesome, and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him, so keep the faith and keep your eyes focused on Him..He'll take care of the rest. i know, He's done it for me!! i love the fact that i am young enough to pursue my career without any regrets that a lot of fellow musicians have, and that is that they feel they gave up their families for their careers, that they missed alot of opportunities to be with their families...all i can say is, GOD is merciful and he'll restore what you feel you have lost..it's never too late!! for me, the adjustments aren't too big..instead of sitting at a football stadium with the wonderful smell of hot dogs and onions and sipping on hot chocolate,surrounded by friends and screaming fans, the beating drums of the high school marching band,i will instead be traveling to very nice upscale restaurants that entice me in with their wonderful aromas as i enter, or playing at coffeeshops where my french vanilla latte awaits and where family and friends gather after football games..i will just be playing out a lot more now. and as i find the stage, and lay my guitar in the corner, i'll smile to myself as i see the mic stand..knowing that this, too, is where i belong.... i am grateful to have the best of both worlds...i am a mom and i am a musician....                                                                                                                  


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